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Siri Sadhaham Monastery is established to benefit the spiritual development of human beings using the teachings of the Gautama Buddha. The founder is Venerable Pitiduwe Siridhamma Thero  who is engaged in spreading the Lord Buddha’s Dharma to both local and international communities, and in highlighting the aim of the Buddha; end  suffering  or attaining Nibbana. Venerable Pitiduwe Siridhamma Thero has become Siri Samanthabadra Suwaminvahansa after understanding of  the Nibbana .

The Monastery promotes teaching, discussion and practice of Dhamma in unaltered form, and that the first step towards cession of suffering.

Vision of Venerable Siri Samanthabadra  Thero  is leading laymen to comprehend the massage of the Lord Buddha thereby compose them. With that intension, several programs on “Vimuththi Mawatha” are conducted at Siri Sadhaham Monastery on week-ends. It consists of four sessions where Siri Samanthabadra  Thero  teaches on reality of this world and instructs laymen to train their mind to be free from suffering. Over 1000 devotees   gather to learn and practice about this novel path and real path of the Lord Buddha, which leads to Nibbana. This especial , whole day  programs help you to make your mind pure which is useful for the realization of Nibbana: the unbounded liberation.

All programs direct followers in disciplinary way. Each and every program begins with reading  Praghnapthiya (code of conduct for devotees) and close program up in worshiping Pasagapihituwa  ( i.e the way of respecting to Dharma  in posture where five points, forehead, elbows & knees, of our body touch the ground ).  It is necessary devotees to wear white decent clothes when attending to the programs.

Siri Sadhaham Monastery facilitates the practice of meditation,’ Chitthanuppassanawa’ one of the key tools for improving concentration and wisdom, through cultivating mindfulness (Sathi) as a component of the path to Nibbana. Meditation program is conducted in the first Sunday of every month, starting  at 7.30 a.m. and continue till noon. Over 500 devotees gather to the Monastery to practice meditation and discuss their experience and problems about dharma.

Program on full Moon day (Poya day) is conducted according to schedule; commencing with Dalada Puja at 5.30a.m. and ending with Atavisi Puja(i.e. offering of fruit juice, flowers and necessities to 28 Buddhas from Tanhankara to Gauthama) at 6.30 p.m. Siri Samanthabadra Suwaminvahansa   administers the precepts (Dasa Kusala sil) to the devotees in the morning and deliver the Sermon about refraining from ones sorrow. In the afternoon the Thero is conducting a discussion on Thripitaka. Meanwhile there are Dhaham Saba Mandapa (Discussion on valuable facts in Sutta Pitaka), Sermons etc.

Every day in the evening the Monastry conducts Bodhi Puja that is offering flowers , incense, lamp, ‘gilanpasa’ (fruit juice, hot & cold water ) Dahath (Betel, areca nut, cloves, cardamom,  nutmeg etc)and Pirikara ( monk’s robes, towel.bed sheet etc) to the Buddha.

The monastery organizes special religious ceremony on February of each year. This ceremony continues for about week and includes Sermons, Pirith, almsgiving (Dhana).

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